Sweetwater County, WY

Rock Springs West Projects:
Greens Canyon (Samson 100% Working Interest in 4,520 acres)
Flaming Gorge (Samson 25% Working Interest in 6,400 acres)

Samson's leasehold in the Greens Canyon Field west of Rock Springs, WY consists of 4,520 acres. Several prospects have been mapped, including a large 4-way structural closure which persists from the Cretaceous Frontier Formation all the way down to the Mississippian Madison Formation. Gas prices need to be strong in order to drill this prospect and thus will remain in inventory until such time.

In the Flaming Gorge area, Samson has 6,400 acres under lease in the south-western portion of the Green River Basin in Wyoming. Samson has a joint-venture with Devon Energy in this area and has shot the Rubicon 3-D seismic survey. Devon has drilled a 16,000' well on an adjacent lease to the joint venture area leases which appears to have tested a 4-way structural closure in the Frontier Formation, but in a downdip position. Very little information has been released on the well. Gas shows were noted in the Frontier while drilling and a completion attempt was made in it with no reported results. The well has been reported to be temporarily abandoned. A well drilled updip of Devon's well location on the 4-way structure may potentially yield better results. Current natural gas prices do not warrant pursuing this opportunity at this point in time.