Williams County, ND

North Stockyard Field (Samson 32% Average Working Interest)

Samson has an interest in 3,303 acres adjacent to the North Stockyard Oil Field, which is located in the Williston Basin in North Dakota. Productive reservoirs at North Stockyard include the Mississippian Mission Canyon (Bluell), Mississippian-Devonian Bakken, and Devonian Three Forks Formations.

The Harstad #1-15H well was the first well drilled in the unit in 2007 and completed as a Bluell well. The well is currently producing ~40 barrels of oil per day and has produced a cumulative 100,000 BO to date. As a result of this success, a follow-up well was drilled tin 2008 to the southeast to test the limits of the Bluell zone. This was the Leonard 1-23H well. The logging operations conducted in the Bluell zone indicated very low porosity and permeability of the reservoir. So it was decided among all the working interest partners in the Leonard 1-23H well to drill deeper and test the Bakken Formation with a 6,000' horizontal leg. This first Bakken exploration well turned out to be a success and five more Bakken wells (Gene, Earl, Gary, Rodney, and Everett) have been drilled since then having produced ~761,000 BO & 953,000 MCFG as of October 2012. The earlier wells had fewer frac stages and were less sophisticated than the later wells. Four additional Bakken infill wells will be drilled in the coming year(s). There is also the potential to drill up to 12 Three Forks wells (seen as orange lines on the map below). The Three-Forks Formation has not been drilled yet within the unit, but is producing just three miles away at rates of over 1,000 BOPD.